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why is genmaicha green tea better than coffee

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Let this be real, most of us eat a lot of sugar every day. Unfortunately, we do not realize it. This is especially true if you eat muffins, cakes, and sweets and drink lots of sweet coffee and tea. People who eat a lot of sugar every day have excess belly fat due to the high fructose content of foods.

Most of us are tired of those extra pounds but are reluctant to sweat in the gym can still burn that pesky fat.

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Green tea has been popular for quite some time for its various health benefits such as weight loss, being rich in antioxidants, and also for its high nutritional value. And consuming green tea has proven benefits, among them, and our main concern right now is helping to reduce excess body weight.

About a year ago, my business partner, Kenneth, decided to take his body weight seriously. I would often joke about his constant loss of breath after standing for barely 20 minutes or when I see him munch cheeseburger like a gorilla.

Kenneth is a funny guy. He never takes comments about him to heart. Sometimes, I would pressure him to take the stairs with me to help with his digestion after lunch. Kenneth weighed around 243 pounds. He has always struggled with keeping his weight down, and his divorce made it even worse.

As a result of his loneliness, he developed bad eating habits. He eats two buttered toast for breakfast, two chocolate bars for a snack, two toasted sandwiches with chips for lunch, greasy pizzas for dinner, and almost every day, he had sugary soda or five cups of tea with milk and sugar.

how to lose 100 pounds without exercises

A few months after his divorce, Kenneth passed out in the elevator. That accident made him realize he had to do something about his cholesterol consumption.

That summer, Kenneth first tried some fast diet pills to help him lose weight, but after experiencing unsatisfactory results, he decided to revise his diet and drastically cut out all the cookies and fast food he ate daily.

But he still didn’t lose much weight until he replaced his habit of taking five cups of sugary tea with unsweetened genmaicha green tea.

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At first, Kenneth hated the bitter taste, but he began to brew his tea for more than 3 minutes to eliminate the bitter taste. Soon he was drinking green tea and lemon every morning. After that, he started drinking a cup every hour at work and ended the day with a cup while he watched TV — a total of nine cups of green tea a day. After just a month on this regimen, Kenneth lost almost 20 pounds.

Kenneth couldn’t be happier with his body. He even joined his community on a weekend biking challenge. He said drinking lots of liquid helps regulate the hunger hormone, so he eats less now.

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Why you should drink steamed green tea

Japanese teas are known for their unique and multiple flavors. By the way, this decaffeinated green tea is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, and people even drink it mystically. You may have heard that one of the most famous Japanese traditions is Sado, the green tea ceremony.

Japanese green teas often have marine characteristics such as algae, fish, sea air due to the specific cultivars of tea plants grown in Japan and the process of steam heating.

Genmaicha green tea is common in Japan. This tea is mixed with grains of brown rice and deeply brewed to bring out the flavor. Research suggests that drinking deep steaming genmaicha regularly offers many health benefits and helps prevent disease, thanks to the beneficial polyphenols in the tea. Other amazing benefits of genmaicha tea includes;

Contains strong antioxidant

The main health benefit comes from the nutrient catechin. It is perhaps best known for the powerful antioxidant properties it provides. It is said to be more than ten times more effective than other antioxidants such as vitamins C or E. Antioxidants are necessary to keep cells young and strong, and they are a fundamental and extremely important foundation for everyone’s body health.

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Improves weight loss

Since green tea is a low-calorie or no-calorie beverage, it would be a good substitute for sugary drinks. Genmaicha green tea has been shown to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation by inhibiting enzymes such as catechol O-methyltransferase and phosphodiesterase. It is also suggested that these mechanisms may have synergistic effects. Catechins have an anti-angiogenic effect, reduce the growth of new blood vessels, which can prevent obesity. They stimulate the nervous system, which leads to the breakdown of fats.

how to lose 100 pounds without exercises

Low blood pressure

In Chinese medicine, green tea like genmaicha is believed to help reduce high blood pressure. A study published in 2004 says that drinking green tea daily for a year significantly reduced the risk of developing hypertension. Genmaicha tea contains polyphenols that provide endothelial protection by helping blood vessels relax, allowing blood to flow more freely. It is a great source of antioxidants that have been linked to better cardiovascular health.

Slows aging process

This nourishing fragrance drink can also promote healthy skin and support healthy aging. The micronutrients present in the base of the tea act as antioxidants and help keep the skin smooth and good-looking. In addition to supporting the skin’s natural healing ability, the components in genmaicha leaves also have cleansing properties. Some even say that this fragrant drink is the perfect addition to homemade skincare products. So whether you drink it or rub it on your skin, it can be good for your health.

Increases insulin level naturally

This tea has been a very useful aid in the fight against diabetes. Drinking flower-scented tea can help prevent diabetes by regulating insulin levels. That’s because genmaicha antioxidants can aid in insulin production and help move sugars into blood cells more effectively. Research suggests that diets rich in foods that contain polyphenols may offer some protection against the development of heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

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Procedure to prepare two servings of Genmaicha green tea

  • Add 1 1/2 tablespoons (7–8 g) of loose genmaicha to a cup.
  • Pour hot water (200ml / 7.04fl oz) into two teacups or a water cooler to adjust the water temperature and heat it to 176F (80C)
  • Let your genmaicha steep for more than four minutes to avoid a tea being too bitter.
  • Serve hot without milk or sugar.

The best time to drink green tea

The ideal time to drink green tea is in the morning before exercising. So start your day with a cup of this herbal drink instead of caffeine and sugary coffee or tea. Although green tea also contains caffeine, the amount of this stimulant is much less compared to coffee. The presence of theanine in green tea is also known to improve your mood and increase your concentration.

The best way to have green tea for weight loss is to drink a cup of genmaicha green tea every day before starting to exercise to burn fat effectively. If you want to enhance the taste, you can add some mint leaves, honey, and lemon juice to green tea.

Never drink green tea after a meal or at night. This is because certain compounds in green tea can block the absorption of minerals such as iron, copper, and chromium in food by binding to them.

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