How To Look Pretty In A Summer Photo

How To Look Pretty In A Summer Selfie Photo

Summer is almost here. And we know how hot and harsh it gets which is terrible for our skin. They bring a variety of skin problems, including, but not limited to, sunburn, heatstroke, and full tanning. These harsh conditions make it important to have a regular and effective routine to care for your skin and keep it healthy.

Especially for people blessed with slowly aging oily skin, it is important to use cleansers and cooling gels to keep the oil glands in check. I have written about some simple but effective tips that can be followed to protect your skin from damage during summer.

As much as we do our best to look good during summer, our photos on the other hand turn out to be not so good. Whether is for a family reunion, your scrapbook or to update your business profile, taking a perfect shot is necessary.

Unfortunately, most of us are not that photogenic by nature, and being the subject of so many photos usually leads to more than a few that we wish weren’t there. However, this does not have to be the case this year. By following these simple tips, you can eliminate bad images forever and have a happy summer vacation without worrying about what you might end up with online.

1. Choose the right lighting is essential

When it comes to photography, exposure is everything, so choosing the right exposure to look good in every photo is important. Although you may be tempted to pose for happy snapshots in the sun, the cloud is more ideal.

The sun can create unpleasant shadows on the face if it is in the wrong position, so a little cloudiness is better. Also, do not stand directly under a lamp when taking pictures indoors, because it has the same effect. Instead, try to find a source of natural light, such as a window.

My off-the-shelf option for photos with exposure to direct sunlight or, for artificial light, uses a very bright direct flash. The best time for daylight is 9 am.

So much so that some photographers only shoot at sunrise or sunset (also known as the golden hour) to get the sunniest and most out-of-focus background. Soft, natural, diffused light is best. Direct lighting can be harsh, so if you’re on the road when the sun is low in the sky (a few hours before sunset and a few hours after sunrise), now is the best time to take a look. Cliché, because the light will not create contrasting shadows.

Pro tips:

Taking photos at night can be even more difficult than during the day. If you don’t have a professional DSLR and a flash, you can invest in a LuMee case for your camera with LED lights on both sides to give you soft light without a flash.

As for night photos taken in bars or restaurants, I recommend not sitting directly under overhead lights, as they can create harsh shadows on the skin.

2. Photo apps help with filtering background noises

Using apps to adjust and edit photos on your phone can mean the difference between an average photo and a great one. Today, there are countless opportunities to take photos and re-tap them on your smartphone. When it comes to taking pictures, apps like ProCamera and VSCO are among the best on the market.

These apps allow you to control things like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure, which means you can take a much clearer photo than with your standard camera. When it comes to retouching photos you’ve already taken, apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and Face Tune can easily edit photos, retouch skin, apply effects, and create stunning portraits.

3. Flattering clothes complement your entire appearance

When preparing photos, it’s important to think about what you should have and choose a flattering alternative. Part of doing that is knowing what suits you and what doesn’t. Choose shapes and silhouettes that suit your body type and colors that suit your skin tone.

Tailored and textured pieces tend to create a well-defined shape and neutral hues, such as white, navy, grey, black and olive green, will suit most skin tones. Also, consider patterns when you dress. Patterns are not always the best for photos as they can distort your size and shape. If you want to add a pattern, go for a single element in your outfit and manage clear or small, vibrant patterns. In general, however, solid colors are a safer alternative.

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If you’re having a hard time feeling uncomfortable and don’t know what to do with your hands, keep busy. For candid street-style shots, the best poses are usually hands in pockets, ears folded, rubbing hands while looking to the side, lowering the sleeve, or pretending to walk on the ground. Or you can also place your hands on your waist or hips if you don’t have an accessory handy, or you can rest your chin on one hand.

Pro tips

  • Pay attention to your best features with the help of accessories.
  • Putting a belt around your waist is a great way to define your shape and create an hourglass silhouette.
  • Make sure to wear heels (no wedges) to create a narrower silhouette and add height if needed.

4. Make-up helps add the finishing touches

By wearing the right makeup and applying it the right way, you can take a great photo. The flash and lens can make your makeup look different than it actually looks, so it’s important to adjust your beauty routine accordingly. Since cameras create a two-dimensional image, it is important to use makeup to define your face. Likewise, the flash and lens can often cause subjects to look blurred and degrade characteristics, so additional make-up may be required.

As for an awkward smile, It’s really hard to avoid looking forced in a photo that, let’s face it, probably feels forced. Try to relax your facial muscles and loosen your jaw before trying your most natural smile. I also recommend raising your eyebrows a little to open your eyes.

Pro tips

  • Apply a full-coverage matte makeup base to keep skin supple, even and shine-free.
  • Do not use SPF makeup as this can make your face look whiter under the camera flash.
  • Avoid glittery products and remove shine by applying clear powder to the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Shape your face by defining your bone structure with bronzer, dimensioning cheeks with redness and creating a radiant glow with a little highlighter.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the brows to avoid getting washed.
  • When applying eyeshadow, use a neutral shade on the eyelid, a dark shade in the crease, and a highlighter on the inner corner and forehead.
  • Make your eyes look bigger, brighter and clearer with eyeliner and false lashes or naturally curled lashes covered in mascara.
  • Dark lipstick can make your lips appear smaller than they are, so stick with light shades for luscious lips.

5. Hairstyles can bring out the elegancy in a photo

Your hair can also snap or break a photo pretty quickly, so it’s important to prepare it. A camera’s flash can mark routes you didn’t even know existed. Control frizz by adding a good quality pomade or serum to your hair during preparation. Rub it into your palms before using your hands to smooth your hair.

Finish by prepping your hair by adding shine so it doesn’t look dull in photos. A simple spray-on gloss works wonders and only takes a second to apply. Update your hair before appearing in a photo by simply turning your head upside down and shaking it up with your hands. This increases instant volume and prevents hair from looking flat.

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As for the angles, it’s best to look normal, like in a passport photo, and turn slightly to the side. Or when looking straight ahead, tilt your head slightly up to avoid a double chin. For full-length body shots, take the picture at an upward angle and cross your legs to make them look longer.

But remember, your beauty comes from the inside, you don’t have to do anything extra with your legs. If the pose helps you feel more confident and comfortable, do it, forget about the purpose and just do it, you will look beautiful however you want.

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