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how to be a better kisser as a guy (1)

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No doubt kissing is romantic. It’s a sign of affection. People kiss in order to express feelings of closeness and desire, as well as to amplify or intensify the arousal they might be feeling.

A good kiss can even signify the start of a new relationship. But if it goes south? Arrrgh! You wouldn’t want to spend a minute more with the person.

Too often no matter how prepared you are for a kiss, things don’t always go as planned. Either the person sticks their tongue too deeply down your throat or they’re darting it around your mouth like an escaped snake.

However, nothing sucks more than kissing someone with bad breath. I mean would it hurt to brush your teeth after eating salmon? Jeez!

Some people think it’s sexy to pull your hair while kissing you. I don’t like walking around like tornado wreckage after a make out. So guys, go easy on the hair, please. It actually takes hours for us to fix our hair for your appealing eye.

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Anyway, back to terrible kisses. It was our second date. We’ve been chatting for a while but there was no chemistry. The first date was accidental. I was stood up by another date and was just about to leave when he suddenly interrupted me.

Apparently, he had been watching me, so when my date didn’t show up, he thought it was his chance to go for it. I was very pissed but he tried to cheer me up and he succeeded.

We left the restaurant as friends. When he asked for a second date, it felt more like an obligation than romance. I thought I owed him one for sticking up for me the first time.

We decided to see a movie. I didn’t want to give him false hope that there was anything romantic between us. After the movie, I told him I wanted to go home. I tried to make up an excuse but he seemed to have other plans.

I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I agreed to his request to hangout for a while. We grabbed finger steaks with ice cream and ate at the nearby park. We were having fun until he suddenly stopped talking. 

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I was wondering why the silence, when he leaned forward, pinning me to the bench and mounted my mouth. Chewing my lips like a hungry lion. It was so forceful that I could hardly breathe. 

I pulled him away and tried not to act disgusted. But my face gave me away. I couldn’t pretend no matter how hard I try. He was embarrassed. Made several apologies on our way home. Suffice it to say he never heard from me again after that night. I felt violated and disrespected.

The whole point of kissing is to enjoy it, not to have someone tear strips off of your flesh. So if you are a terrible kisser, now will be the time to work on that. 

Whether you are going for your first kiss or looking for a way to spice up your make out session, these tips will help you become an amazing kisser.

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Wait for the perfect time

Bad timing can ruin your first kiss. If you just started seeing her, maybe it’s your second date, don’t act too eager to give her a kiss.

You must observe her body language to be sure you two are headed in the same direction. Eye contact, flirting, and physical contact are all signs someone is interested. 

Most women hate when a guy gives an abrupt kiss without caring if her feelings for him are on or not. It might help to ask her some intimate questions ahead of the date to know where her head is. 

The best time for a kiss is usually when you two are alone, there is silence, and you are stirring into each other’s eyes. Moments like this will make her feel more comfortable when the kiss happens.

Make sure you smell good

Most men don’t pay attention to how their days smell, but women do. Your scent attracts us and to some point turns us on.

Women are very keen on hygiene. Drinking plenty of water helps with general mouth health, and moisturizing your lips ensures they’re not chapped and rough. 

Remember, kissing is so much about the sensory experience — taste, smell, touch. So make your you wear a pleasant fragrance, and brush your teeth. 

Do not wear strong alcoholic fragrances. We want to be able to breathe when kissing you.

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Control your tongue movement

When we think about kissing, the first thing that comes to mind is the tongue. But that shouldn’t come into play right away. 

You should tease her a bit with your tongue and follow her cues. Start just by lightly kissing the surface of the lips- either the top lip, the bottom lip, or both.

Kissing without tongue is perfectly fine for a first date. When you do use your tongue, make sure to slightly touch her tongue with yours. Don’t go munching like a gorilla.

The essence of brushing her tongue lightly is to build arousal. Play around with the tips of your tongue. Deep tongue kissing can be a turn-off if she doesn’t have feelings for you.

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Flow with her rhythm 

Match her tempo. Respond to your tongue action with similar tongue action. Leading and being aggressive can be good but being oblivious is bad.

If she massages your lips with hers, do the same for her. If she licks, sucks and kisses her neck, follow her lead.

But don’t leave your lips or tongue in the same place for more than a few seconds.

Take frequent breaks to distance yourself and look her in the eye. It gives you the opportunity to catch your breath, share a smile and enjoy the moment.

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Don’t focus on one spot

A first kiss is quite different from a make-out session. For a first kiss, you can simply kiss her lips. But if you are going into a more intimate kiss, then play around her neck, and her ears with your lips and tongue.

If you are kissing her lips, be more creative moving from her upper lips to the lower lips as gently as you can. You can also try using your teeth. Some people love a light bite on their neck, ear, or lower lip.

Women enjoy variety in kisses. The intense feeling of anticipating the next place she will feel your lips is what makes kissing pleasurable.

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