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how to have better woman on top sex without hurting your knees

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My love for woman on top knows no bounds. Catch me on a bad day, and I will give you a full-blown orgasm in twenty minutes.

My friend, Yonda, came seeking my humble opinion on how I do the woman on top position. She said her new boyfriend is crazy about the style, so she needed all the help she could get to give her man an unforgettable night.

Whether you are an alpha female looking to ensure more control in the bedroom or a laid-back chic looking for another trick to up her game, these sex tips from those who know best have changed how I give on-top sex positions, and I hope they change yours too.

Why woman on top sucks for you

When it comes to initiating things in the bedroom, women shy away from this responsibility. Some women think it makes them look needy.

Men like it when women take charge during sex.

They like it when your pull off their shirt, zip down their pants, get down on your knees, and give them a hell of a ride. It makes them feel cherished, desired, and manly.

Some women feel self-conscious when they get on top of a man. When your insecurities sneak into the bedroom, your vulva locks up. Yes! She gets frightened, and any move during that moment of pleasure gets completely ruined.

Insecurities come in how someone perceives their body shape, not having confidence in their sexual moves, and/or not knowing what to do when they are on top.

So if you are experiencing a boring sex life or feel stupid getting on top and riding that dick like a tomb raider, then your insecurity is your problem, not the dick itself.

Unless your insecurities have an underlying health-related problem, here is what you can do to loosen up before sex.

If he is doesn’t mind watching porn, download a video and watch it with him. Build your intimacy by doing things together more regularly.

When you are bathing together, look at his body seductively as if you want to eat him. Kiss him in a new way and find a place on his body that you’ve never kissed before.

It will be helpful to give him a lap dance from time to time, so you get comfortable on how to position your ass on top of him.

Men really do want to know you are not afraid to take what you want from them in bed. It makes them feel good to bring you to orgasm. It makes him feel more powerful and loved.

Your confidence and desire is the sexiest thing you can wear to the bedroom.

Now without further ado, let’s get on to the reason you are reading this.

How to dominate a man with the “on-top” position

I won’t lie, the woman on top position can be difficult to achieve orgasm for women, but with the right position and the correct moves, you can have multiple orgasms in minutes.

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Cast your two eyes into his

Yes, maintaining eye contact takes off your fears. By focusing your attention in his eyes, you can see how excited or disengaged he is and switch the rhythm.

If a particular speed, rhythm, or angle is really working for him, you should be able to see it in his face and possibly hear it as he moans.

You can switch angles by facing the wall, or you face down- looking at his knees so he can enjoy the views of your ass.

Take a seating position

To properly position your butt, while kissing, roll onto him and sit with your knees on either side of his hips.

Use his chest as leverage to make whining your waist easier. Lift your body up and forward, then guide him into you with your other hand as you slowly lower yourself.

Lean your torso toward him, which will bring you close enough to kiss. Move your body forward until your clitoris presses against his pubic bone.

Play around with different poses to see what feels best when you’re on top. The position matters a lot here because you want both your sex needs met.

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Lose yourself in the pleasure

Once you’re comfortably positioned, it’s time to establish a rhythm that will help you reach orgasm because that’s pretty much the whole point of taking charge.

Try moving your hips in a steady circular motion. You will feel his dick rubbing against all sides of your vaginal wall.

As you whine your hips you can experiment to find the penetration and positioning that feel best for you.

Most times, slowly rocking back and forth instead of bouncing up and down feel great for men. But when you bounce, don’t lift too far up.

Try to lift off half his length so you maintain the erection and minimize the chances of lifting off his dick.

If you want to go faster, lean on him, take his hands and push them behind his head or on top of his head.

The little dominating gestures will make him feel more helpless and make everything feel sexier.

Don’t be self-conscious about what you look like because seeing you twerk and squeak makes a man gaga.

This is a position where you have more control, so use it to your advantage.

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