How to Pick Matching Glasses with Facial Structure and Style

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Nowadays there are so many choices in the field of stylish and attractive glasses. The first preference rule for managers is to choose something that you like and that gives you confidence. One way to find frames that emphasize your best features is to choose frames that complement the shape and color of your face and make a fashion statement. This article helps you choose glasses frames for your face so that your new glasses get the best out of your already beautiful face!

Female face shapes. Womans face types vector chart

1. Know the basic shapes of the face. Although each person’s face is different, there are seven general shapes: round, heart-shaped (upper triangle), triangular (from bottom to bottom), square, rectangular, elongated and oval.

Round faces usually have full and rounded cheeks, full forehead and chin. Kirsten Dunst, Chrissy Tiegen and Leonardo DiCaprio are celebrities with round faces.

The expression “heart-shaped face” can be a little misleading; a heart-shaped face is more like an inverted triangle, with a broad forehead that narrows to a sharp chin. A heart-shaped face can be long and graceful or more rounded, but both tend to have prominent cheekbones. Celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

Triangular faces usually have a narrow forehead and a wide, strong jaw (the jaw itself is often angular). Queen Latifah, Minnie Driver, Kelly Osbourne and Chris Pine are examples of celebrities with triangular faces.

The square faces have a strong, broad forehead and a strong chin. They are also proportional to the length and width of the face. Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, Josh Hutcherson and Nick Lachey are famous square faces. Rectangular faces look a lot like squares, but have a length greater than the width, such as Demi Moore, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The elongated and oval faces are very similar. They are both rounded and proportional, but an oval face has a sharper chin. Kim Raver, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jude Law; Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian and Adam Levine are examples of famous oval faces.

2. Look in a mirror to determine the shape of your face. Pull or pin your hair off your face so that you can see your face clearly.

Many faces do not fit clearly into a specific type, but have functions that look like two or more types. In this case you are lucky! You have more options when searching for spectacle frames.

3. Use a dry-erasable marker to define the shape of your reflection. Gently pull the outline of your face into the mirror, relax your face, pull the outline of your forehead, along each cheek to the end of the chin. Don’t pick up your ears.

Now, without moving your face from the perimeter in the mirror, start over, but with your biggest smile on your face. Place these lines directly on the lines that you have already drawn.

The two sets of lines tell you if and how your face shape changes when you smile. For example, some people whose faces are oval and relaxed may have more heart-shaped faces when they smile (such as Kim Kardashian). Others, such as Jennifer Lawrence, can have a relaxed, powerful, rectangular face that turns into a heart-shaped face when you smile broadly.

How to choose the frame to complete your look

Choose frames that complement the shape of your face. In general, the frames add the most visual interest and look less caricature in contrast to your natural features, which means that most rounded faces look great with extra-angle glasses, while More angular faces look better with a rounder look glasses.

Smooth, rounded faces look great with sharp-angle frames, such as square or rectangular frames. These tend to lengthen the face and soften the softness of the face. If you have a very full face, consider horizontal rectangles, making it thinner.

The square and rectangular faces are beautiful with frames that balance the hard lines of the face. Look for round or oval frames. Find the frame with a thin, delicate frame (thread and similar color) to minimize the appearance of a very heavy jaw.

Know when to break the rules

Choose glasses that work for what you need:

Remember that glasses can be a great fashion accessory, but for most people, they are also there to fulfil an extremely important function: to help you see. If your glasses do not meet these needs, they will not work for you.

Start by asking the seller which brackets work with your prescription (for example, some people with very high demands must choose brackets that have wide holders to hold the lenses, so thin metal holders may not be an option).

Ask a salesperson to measure your head and show you which glasses fit you or not. Having a good comfortable fit will help you have confidence in your choice.

Be unique even if you have to break the rules:

Your sense of style and personality can really come from your glasses and you should not feel restricted to certain shapes or colors if something else fits your style or if your great personality better expresses itself in a shape.

If it means that you have to choose large square glasses on your large square face, do it! Olivia Wilde celebrated this look and because she was confident, she gave the impression that these glasses were made for her.

Similarly, Ginnifer Goodwin has a very round face, but on many occasions, the paparazzi have taken her with equally round sunglasses and she has removed them without problems.

When Daniel Radcliffe made the round glasses as the character of Harry Potter in the popular film series, his character began as a boy with a round face before becoming a young man with a more square jaw. He could remove the round glasses in both directions.

Make compromises:

Instead of following the “rules” for face shapes, you decide which elements of the rule are important to you and which parts you want to bend or break.

For example, if you have a round or soft face, pay attention to the size of the glasses, rather than completely round frames, and avoid small, round, delicate frames. Each larger image usually looks better on a round face, even if it is a rounded frame, because small images on a round face can be lost. Choose a thick, bold frame to add interest.

If you have a more angular face, try choosing glasses with a thin or delicate frame instead of full square glasses. You can even choose a color such as bronze or copper to blend in with your complexion.

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