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how to lose 12 pounds in a month with little effort

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As a fitness lover, I have no problem exercising and burning fat. I don’t track my calorie count to stay in shape.

Whenever I add weight, I feel it. It shows on my face because my chin will drop. My boobs and hips will slightly increase. My clothes get tighter. Sometimes, I start feeling lazy and sleep more.

The changes in my body tell me when I have added some weight, and if I hit the scale, the extra fat is usually between 10 to 20 pounds.

Once I confirm that I have added some weight, I activate my weight loss secret weapon.

My strategy is pretty simple. I have a slimming green tea I always keep handy, which I replace with coffee.

Every morning, I will drink the green tea first before hitting the gym. And in the evening, I will drink it before going to bed.

I incorporate intense workouts and switch my diets to strictly vegan. I eat mostly seafood, vegetables, and fruit for at least two weeks.

how to lose 100 pounds without exercises

No cheats! And it has worked for me ever since I lost 40 pounds. This is why I don’t worry myself whenever I add weight.

When I have achieved my goal, I switch back to eating regular food.

I don’t follow keto strictly since I like my weight between 152lbs and 157lbs. I eat everything except for sugary desserts.

But last Christmas, I broke my rules. I munched and devoured everything and anything that was brought to the table.

After ten years, it was my first Christmas with my family, and I wanted to leave no stone unturned. I didn’t want to be picky with my food and make the people around me uncomfortable or anxious to eat whatever they wanted.

Well, that good heart caused me to add an extra 12 pounds, which wasn’t pretty considering the fact that I had signed a modeling contract that would begin in March.

I was confident about my weight loss strategy, so I got careless on purpose.

But, boy! It wasn’t easy getting rid of that twelve pounds. I struggled every day to keep my diet consistent. Plus, the workout routines I chose made it much harder to see results.

What my routine was like

At first, I started with drinking my usual green tea, Kegel, and breathing exercises, eating two main meals a day. Although, I cut out saturated fat diets completely.

Six days in my journey, I didn’t even lose up to 2 pounds, but I did not add any extra fat either.

I was a bit disappointed. I get easily overwhelmed when I set a deadline for my goal. So in order to meet my target goal, I added one aerobatic and one anaerobic exercise — running and squatting to my routine.

I also changed my diet and started eating one keto food as my main meal in the afternoon. For breakfast and dinner, I would eat fruits or vegetable salad.

After brushing my teeth, the first thing I did was brew my green tea, prepare my salad, and then check my emails while waiting for my tea to boil and cool.

After drinking my tea, I go for a twenty-minute run in my neighborhood. Sometimes I use my treadmill if I’m feeling lazy.

how to lose 100 pounds without exercises

When I return from my run, I do a 15 lateral squat and 15 plies squat. Followed by a 10-minute Kegel exercise, then I round up my workout session with a 5-minute breathing exercise.

Once I’m done with my workout, I eat my salad which is already sitting in the refrigerator, and I take a shower afterward.

I kept my morning workouts to one hour in the morning and 45-minutes in the evening every single day for the last four weeks.

My evening workout routine is slightly different. I run on treadmills for ten minutes, do 30 squats, then 10 minutes Kegel.

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My take away

Guess what! I haven’t felt the kind of energy I’ve felt for the past four weeks. I wake up early at 4 a.m. I check my trades and send out newsletters to my blog subscribers before I start my training.

I wrote 35 blog posts for the first time, of which 32 were published on Medium, the other 3 were for my other blogs. I prefer to hire freelancers to write content for my blogs.

I have been more active in my business than I have been since November last year. I feel happy all the time. I did not experience any burnout, so I guess my body adjusted pretty fine.

I’m thinking of sticking to this routine for a while, but I will go easy on my diet.

If you plan on following my routine, be sure to check in with your physician if you have any health problems. Also, limit your exercises to what you can handle.

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