10 Easy Steps How to Look handsome And Dashing with Glasses

10 easy steps how to look handsome and dashing with glasses

Are you a man looking for tips and tricks for the beauty of the look, even if you wear glasses? Is it time to improve your personal appearance? Looking for help in the fashion department?

If your answer is yes, keep reading.. Apply the tips in this article and see how the world begins to double-tap in your direction. More and more men of all ages are focusing on their image. Look dashing and attractive.

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Psychology of beauty

First you must have the mind is that looking good starts with your brain, not your body. In other words, attractiveness is part of a state of mind.

We cannot reveal what we do not have. You cannot become attractive if you do not have the confidence to believe that you can. I cannot emphasize this too much.

There is no cream or gel on the market that can magically turn you into a magnetic man. Anyone trying to tell you the opposite is just trying to sell you a bag of goods.

In truth it is the opposite.

Believing in itself generates a strong and ritualized routine for personal care that ultimately spreads the attractiveness for others.

Although you don’t have to be an alpha male to look good, you need to focus on how you perceive yourself (from a positive angle) for maximum benefit.

Enough chit-chat, let’s dive into the main reason you’re here, how to become more dashing and handsome wearing sunglasses:

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1. Choose sunglasses that match the shape of your face

Here is the basic rule for the shape of your sunglasses: determine what is missing in your face and get frames that offer this. If you have a very angular face with many lines and surfaces, you want to add the rounded glass curves. If you have a soft face with curved functions, you will do better with straight or sloping sunglasses. This is the basic paradigm.

On some, he can even take a strong profile and make it less noticeable. More modern modes have taken over the idea of ​​glasses as an expression of a style identical to that of a tie or a pocket.

The shape and even the color of the frames can become part of your visual identity. And for most men, this is the right choice – even if, like any accessory, it’s important to keep the glasses in place.

They must complement your style, not define it. Glasses that are most memorable can become a novelty instead of an elegant accent. So be reserved.

2. Choose the color of your sunglasses

Unless you have money for multiple frames, you stay with the color of your sunglasses for a long time. Choose it carefully!

Men in suits and ties are restricted by their formal dress codes to the most traditional and neutral options – basic metallic colors (gold and silver tones) or fine black are acceptable, but anything that is thick, plastic appearance or bright color will clash with the business dress.

More elegantly dressed men have the option to add colors either as a solid foundation for frames or as details. Thinner frames may be better suited for men who want to add color – a thick, brightly colored frame moves into the realm of novelty or costume clothing.

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3. Make sure you have the right hairstyle

Most of the men I worked with know that hair is essential for their personal appearance. They have problems taking care of their hair and creating a look that emphasizes their best features.

Instead of finding a perfect fit, many just opt ​​for a crop cup and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, styling your hair with a short cut is a good way to go for beauty. This can indicate masculinity and cleanliness.

Here is the problem – the cut will not give you the desired result. You will most likely have to combine a good hairstyle with products to get maximum benefits.

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4. Adopt a facial care routine

As men, we have not learned how to develop a facial care routine. This is due to a number of reasons, including social norms that are strongly related to gender stereotypes.

Here’s the thing. These traditional stereotypes are fading. If you want to look better, you must adopt a men’s skincare routine that is focused on the face.

The right facial treatments include everything from learning to regularly washing the face (with the right products) to proper hydration. Other critical products include firming masks designed to clean pores and brighten dull skin.

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5. Adjust your appearance

Look for sunglasses that can withstand intense sports or outdoor activities. In addition to blocking the sun, they are also a barrier between your eyes and dirt, debris or tennis balls that can happen to you.

Complete your look with a few shades that show off your clothing. Sunglasses are primarily a visual aid, but if worn correctly, they can also act as accessories such as hats, belts and watches. Look for glasses that match the style and colors that you wear. If you plan to own only one pair, make a neutral model that fits a wider variety of wardrobe choices.

Keep your glasses compatible with the rest of your clothing. It would be crazy to wear well-tinted cycling glasses with a suit.

Wear your sunglasses with your outfit, just like with your shoes or belt. Black or metal frames match black, white or gray clothing; brightly colored frames must not conflict with other colors of your clothing, etc.

When buying high-quality sunglasses, choose the depth and color of the lens tint that is most beneficial to your activity.

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6. Pay more attention to your teeth

I will be at the same level as you. One of the most uncomfortable topics to deal with men is the teeth. I don’t know why, but that’s right.

This may be because many men have secret fears about their visit to the dentist. I fully understand that because I had many of the same concerns.

If you are a man who has not been to a dentist for years, your anxiety may increase. In extreme cases, some people even develop a dental phobia.

If you are uncomfortable with the subject you are talking about, you should concentrate on your helicopters. Thanks to modern dentistry there are dozens of treatments that can literally change the appearance of your teeth.

If your teeth appear crushed or uneven, invisible products are designed to straighten teeth. I encourage you to consult your dentist to see which options are available.

A big smile can improve your attractiveness by leaps and bounds. In addition to great physical quality, he exploits an important psychological phenomenon: people seem more attractive with a confident smile.

Finally, if your teeth look pale or brown, consider taking some freely available products.

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7. Eat nutritious and healthy diets

Diet goes hand in hand with exercise. Both are closely linked to achieving health goals and, by extension, your desire to be beautiful.

Some men find it useful to set up a diet that matches their body type. If you are not familiar with this approach, view the following body types for men to find out more.

It is quite possible that you have weight problems, too much or too little.

If that describes you, my suggestion is to talk to a nutritionist. You would be surprised how much they can help to create a personal transformation and achieve your physical goals.

8. Make sure you exercise regularly

Regular exercise is essential if you want to look good. Physical activity not only prevents weight gain, but exercise (especially resistance training) strengthens and maintains the muscle.

In my experience, most boys have difficulty choosing the best training program for their lifestyle. This point applies especially to starting men in the gym or who do not have much experience with physical training.

If this describes your situation, you have many options. First, it can be useful to use a personal trainer. This gives you the opportunity to learn different ways to practice. This way you get the most out of your training.

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9. Have confidence in your body language

Making sure your clothes and clothing are aligned can help you to look better, but to really stand out, you need to stand up straight – or at least be aware of your figure.

There are many ways to communicate confidence, strength and attractiveness by simply using your body language. But to stay simple, just focus on the basics.

In general, men who are standing upright take up a lot of physical space by taking a broad position or spreading their arms, and moving slowly and deliberately, as more dominant and therefore more attractive.

As Amy Cuddy has noted, you can feel stronger by taking a powerful position with your body. This effect also extends to other people – who behave like a young George Clooney, and other people will become aware of this (unconsciously).

Be more aware of your body language. Stand with your feet apart, keep your back straight, your chest open and your arms open (instead of crossed) to convey your confidence.

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10. Keep trying until you find the perfect fit

When you shop for something – especially something that you have to see without a blurred goal – you are usually a bit restless and choose the first that you think is semi-decent. It is well; we have all been there.

But instead of succumbing to mediocre executives, go to different stores until you find this pair that gives you stylish butterflies. And – perhaps the most important tip – get your a and try them out.

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