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How to Look Expensive on a Budget

how to look expensive on a budget

For most of us, there comes a time when the current account is low. If you had an indicator – like this E that lights up in your car when the gas tank is almost dry – it would blink like crazy. You have days before your next paycheck drops and you are forced to live a lean life to be successful.

It is, of course, a sign that you need a budget. Ugh. Cut down on eating, drinking, entertainment, hanging out with friends – all this is like the life of a very unattractive woman.

Here’s the thing. There are many ways to save money. And yes, spending less on your clothes is one of them. Still, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style when money is tight.

You can be quite cheap when it comes to clothing purchases and still always look stylish.

Here’s how to look expensive in five ways, even if your budget says you shouldn’t buy more clothes.

1. Style your hair

how to look classy and sophisticated

On those days when you’re wearing an outfit or putting on the cheap H&M T-shirt, spend more time on your hair.

Resist the urge to pull it up into a ponytail and enlist the help of your hair dryer, curling iron, or iron instead.

If you use heated tools more often, add extra precautions to your routine to avoid damage – which would be counterproductive. You can invest in a heat protectant spray, argon oil, a hair mask, or even a new shampoo.

2. Wear a luscious lipstick

chic and elegant woman

A bold and luscious lipstick is an easy way to add glamor to your look. And it’s not an overnight strategy either.

You can add lipstick, lip stains or a bold gloss as part of your daily makeup routine to make you look more classy and expensive on cheap outfits.

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3. Bet on your investments

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

If your budget is tight, rely heavily on your investments.

Those jeans you pinch in all the right places, that little black dress that always turns heads, your favorite simple summer dress to wear all year round – these pieces hanging in your closet can help you get through the month without the expense when you need to.

Put on a nice new top or pair of shoes.

Check out what’s in your closet today. Enlist the help of a friend to mix and match your existing pieces to create totally new luxurious looks.

You probably have dozens of potential new outfits in your closet right now. Try these styles below with what you already have in your closet.

4. Take care of your nails

How to look expensive on a budget

A good manicure and a well-presented set of nails indicate to the world that you spend time on your appearance.

You also don’t have to go to the local nail salon and pay $ 50 for a beautiful set of nails.

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Start by removing chipped or messy nail polish and get rid of your fingernails and fingers.

Add another coat of gloss varnish and a top coat. Don’t forget the moisturizing cream for your hands!

5. Blend Your Pieces

how to look expensive on a budget

Stained T-shirts, wrinkled blouses, worn-out shoes, or jeans with holes are clearly visible.

But that also applies to wrinkles, loose threads, loose buttons and clothes that don’t suit you. See our article on how to make clothes expensive for more advice on this.

At the end of the day, leaving the house with all your wires in place will make a good impression no matter the cost of your outfit. It’s that simple.

How to look classy and expensive on a budget

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