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22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

Looking for a cute birthday outfits for winter idea? Then this post is for you! As a January baby in my thirties, I now have some experience dressing for winter birthdays in a variety of climates.

My birthday was January 5th! For the past 6 years, I have been fortunate to celebrate my birthday in Australia, Greece, Germany, India, New York and my home in Texas. For the most part, it has been FROZEN all my life for all my birthday celebrations. But I’ll also share some birthday outfit ideas if you live in a climate slightly warmer than Russia or Wisconsin!

When it comes to my birthday, I usually use that as an excuse to be a little over the top with what I wear. I mean it’s my day to be a princess … isn’t it? So dresses, tulle skirts and high heels are more my strengths for my birthday outfits. I will also add some more casual outfits.

22 Cool Winter Birthday Party Outfits to Chic this winter

It can be very difficult, let alone the limitation, to choose the perfect winter birthday outfit. With cold weather, snow, and ice affecting all of your fashion choices, finding a set that is both practical and festive can be quite frustrating. This is where I come in!

To ensure you are satistfied with my picks, I got some inspiration from top fashion girls from Instagram, who presented us with a handful of super cool yet weather-friendly outfit ideas to wear on your next birthday.

As you will soon realize, your options are actually much broader than they seem. Come on, check out our favorite winter birthday outfits, including everything from the classic LBD look to an outfit put together with the ultimate party pants, then shop for important items to wear when you’re celebrating another year.

Now, if you’re spending your birthday in a cold climate, it’s tempting to just wear your puffer jacket over your birthday outfit and call it a night. However, if you really want to stand out and have that “put together look”, it’s a great idea to have a “cute” coat (for any occasion, not just your birthday). It could be a pea coat or a trench coat, or a swing coat – like mine.

Either way, you will definitely make an entrance at your birthday party!

1.) Grey cocktail dress

Modern Fashion Grey Cocktail Dresses 2018 A Line Princess Asymmetrical Appliques Lace Bow Off The Shoulder Backless Short Sleeve Formal Dresses 560x560

Cocktail dresses are another fantastic option for a 21st birthday party. They are easy to adjust and look great no matter what you pair them with. Plus, they work for almost any occasion, both formal and semi-formal. For example, you can wear a cute red lace cocktail dress with a matching red Chanel bag for a lively party look.

2.) One shoulder bodycon Dress

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

A tight dress is always a good option. For the girl who has it? Show it! We love this classic white version with a wrap style and an asymmetric hem. White heels and a pink gum lipstick combine the look; Plus, you don’t even have to worry about accessories with this one! A simple clutch or a small handbag will do very well.

3.) Chic Cape Dress with Slippers

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

I had joked that I was wearing all black that day to mourn my late twenties because it was my 30th birthday. I was living in Moscow, Russia at the time and it was indeed COLD. This cape dress isn’t the hottest dress in my wardrobe, but I paired it with fleece lined tights and a warm pea coat, and it was fine!

4.) Embroidered evening dress

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

If there is a day to take off an evening dress, it’s my birthday! I wore a similar dress last year and that night was just magical. I got lots of complements and I really felt like an island princess. Incase you are worried if this promo dress will fit nicely for your next birthday, then your answer is definitely, yes.

5.) Maxi kimono style dress

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

This outfit also became my New Year’s Eve outfit that year! This maxi floral dress is one of the most unique dresses in my wardrobe. Plus, it’s a bit thicker than most of the others on this list. I can easily pair it with a pair of heels.

6.) Edgy animal print dress

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

Have fun with your birthday outfits all year round! It was one of those years when I wanted to get a little crazy with my outfit choice. So it was tulle and animal print! Animal print make a very good statement dress when you need to be stylish without putting too much effort.

7.) Retro mix of patterns

Outfits With Black Leggings - 22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

Again, if there is a day to experiment with the mix of patterns and prints, it might as well be your birthday! I wasn’t sure if this outfit would be ‘too much’, but it’s still one of the most popular outfits on my blog! It was also one of my first “birthday outfits” that I posted on my blog. We had gone out for a night of fun at a local piano bar in Appleton, Wisconsin (which is no longer there, sadly). I even had to go on stage that night! It was the perfect night to wear something a little more retro and smack some lipstick.

8.) Classic V-neckline with retro heels

Outfits With Black Leggings - 22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

If you are like me, who leave no stone unturned on my birthday then showing off a little skin isn’t a bad idea. So I’m including that as an outfit idea, too, because it would work just as well for a birthday party for a vintage style companion or lover.

9.) Metallic skirt with jacket combo


Winter is a great time to take off a metal mini skirt! I had fleece-lined tights under this skirt because the Wisconsin weather is always pretty freezing this time of year … even though there is no snow. Wearing ankle-high boots also added an extra layer of warmth. I could also pair a black scarf with this outfit, but I chose the sparkly necklace for this celebration.

10.) Velvet dress with thigh high boots

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30
22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

It was my birthday outfit last year! At this time of year, velvet will never look out of place and can be very comfortable. I wore this birthday outfit to a nice dinner here in Appleton, Wisconsin and then to a performance of The Phantom of the Opera. After the show, we explored a few new bars in the center of Appleton. It was super cold and snow! I was very grateful for wearing high boots and thick tights!

11.) Dramatic cape dress with slippers

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

You will certainly stand out in an outfit like this! This vibrant black stripe dress was a hit on my New York City birthday several years ago. We stopped in the East Village for a drink at a bar I planned to try… then we went to the interactive play Sleep No More. (If you’re already in NYC it’s such a COOL experience.)

12.) Leather puff sleeves with boots

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

Puff sleeve tops are having a moment now, and that extra little drama in your outfit can be perfect for a birthday party. I liked wearing this top with jeans, but it was also fine with a shorts and high boots.

13.) Faux leather with combat boot

22 Cute Winter Birthday Outfit For Women Over 30

Now this outfit would definitely need a fun cardigan or blazer for the dead of winter! But faux leather leggings can be a great addition to a nighttime outfit. I am a huge fan of my new Spanx faux leather leggings. This outfit can also be paired with combat boots when the snow is deep.

14.) Vest and stretch jeans

Cute Casual Denim Vest Outfit Bmodish

If comfort is the name of the game for you, you can’t go wrong with stretch jeans (or jeggings) and a comfy cardigan + scarf! I think an outfit like this can look absolutely beautiful for a birthday party, as well as be practical and comfortable. Wearing black jeans or even colorful jeans can be a great way to spruce up an outfit with a cardigan. Blue jeans are nice, but I like to pair them with a more dramatic birthday party top (like the puff sleeve above).

15.) Monochrome Layering

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

When in doubt, go for a monochrome red look. This lively set will certainly become a real eye-catcher. Celebrate your birthday with a twist in a cool red sweater with heels and matching earrings. This look is great for a party or even a dinner party.

16.) Perfect shoes for the birthday

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

Choosing the right shoes for your party is crucial. They have to be practical because you will stay up all night dancing and mixing, but they also have to be eye-catching and attractive.

Most girls will opt for a high stiletto heel for the holidays. They are great for small parties as they can get hurt after a while.

This season, however, cage heels and squeaks are all the rage.

17.) Blue denim with a tulle midi skirt

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

Denim tops are a fun outfit that could work with a variety of midi skirts – it doesn’t have to be tulle skirt like in the picture above. Wearing a black turtleneck sweater with black tights and high heels creates an impressive contrast to a colorful midi skirt… especially when there is snow on the ground!

Best Aviator Sunglasses to Wear For A Casual Date For Women

18.) The princess outfit

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I wore a similar outfit for my 30th birthday. Plus, there is no better day of the year to look like a princess! A tulle gown with a pair of shiny heels… this outfit really only needs a birthday tiara to complete the princess look!

19.) Makeup and birthday accessories

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

The birthday girl’s makeup and accessories should always stand out. Glitter is perfect for parties as even under disco lights it shines and sparkles. A pale glittery lip gloss is a perfect makeup item for any party girl.

Make sure the eyeshadow matches your outfit. If you’re going for a pink dress, pair it with pink eyeshadow or contrast with a bold stripe and a smudge of black eyeliner. Read here how to dress for casual date.

20.) Street style birthday dress

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

When it comes to a birthday party, everyone has to look like a star at the birthday party and nothing looks better than a beautiful sleeveless evening dress.

The best thing about these dresses is that they can be worn for any occasion, be it a formal meeting or a party or friends, you can definitely wear a sleeveless dress and look like a diva.

Combine the cute outfit with a matching or contrasting jewel. If the party is in winter, you can even opt for a sleeveless blazer.

21.) Embroidered lace birthday party dress

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

What will draw more attention on your birthday than a mermaid dress? When it’s summer, you can wear an elegant see through lace dress to a birthday party and pair it with a contrasting or matching formal clutch. Don’t miss these glamorous summer outfit ideas.

22.) Floral outfit for birthday girl

22 Cute Birthday Outfits for Winter If You Are A Women Over 30

Floral print knee-length skirts are the best, they can be worn however you like. If you decide to wear a midi skirt to the next birthday party you’re attending, pair it with a contrasting top, tucked away on the inside. Wear high heels in nude colors to complete the look.

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