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5 types of women every man wants to date

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One day, I was approached by a woman I met at a social function. She is elegant and sophisticated. From her appearance, she looks a little over 40. I could tell she’s well learned and traveled from our conversation.

She instantly had an attraction for me so we became friends from that day. We started hanging out, mostly she would join me and my friends, but never with hers.

We are not close buddies. Our conversation is mostly about work, politics, or fashion. Though she mentioned she’s has been divorced twice but currently single with no serious commitments.

Recently, she opened up about her love life. She thinks she scares men away and needs advice on how to keep a man. I almost laughed because I thought she was messing with me.

My friend is high class, sexy all round, in curves and butt. She can easily pass for a sex symbol (no offense intended). She’s the kind of woman men die for and here she was seeking advice from little old me.

I admit I have no problem with getting a man and keeping one doesn’t take much effort but that doesn’t make me a pro or in a position to advise her. She’s a goddess for Christ’s sake if I’m being honest here. People like me learn the ropes from people like her, not the other way round.

She got embarrassed by my reaction. I noticed this was a sensitive matter so I quickly adjusted my composure. She asked how I effortlessly attract men. I was speechless for a while. I don’t do anything special and I’m not even half as beautiful as she is. Somehow her question got me intrigued.

I thought of what to say. I couldn’t come up with a significant quality I have that she didn’t already possess. She’s independent, wealthy, very pretty, tall, eloquent, sociable to an extent, and humble, even more humble than I am. I couldn’t find a reason as to why I attract more men than she does, so I told her, the problem could be from the type of men she chooses.

In my experience, our personality attracts the type of men we fall for. So if you are attracting assholes, then your personality might be that of a co-dependent or empath. People who attract high confident men are usually those with a secured attachment style.

So if you’re wondering why you do not attract the types of men you want to, this article will help you understand your personality type and the women men find irresistible.

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The Sophisticated Ladies

These archetypes are high-class sophisticated ladies with good manners, social intelligence and they know how to behave in any situation.

They are aware that making a good first impression is essential, so they dress appropriately and pay attention to details. They like classic fashion, timeless cut, or styles inspired by “The Desperate Housewives” or “Sex and the City.”

They have an excellent posture. They have exceptional conversational skills. They are highly educated and know what is proper and what is not in conversations. They crave deep connection and intimacy with others while simultaneously desiring freedom.

Men admire these types of women because of their elegance, culture, poise, good manners, and ability to present themselves in the best way possible. Men of high status like taking these women out for exquisite functions because they can adapt and dress to fit any occasion.

These women have high standards in everything in their life. They are very picky and mostly achieve a very high luxurious lifestyle. But most importantly they are a bit perfectionists.

The problem with being a perfectionist is that they are too rigid and uptight. They are overconfident and hardly take advice from others.

As much as men like these elegant ladies, men find them too controlling, strict, and boring. Men like women they can have fun with, who isn’t too conscious when expressing themselves. Their perfection puts a lot of pressure on men to be perfect too and that can be a turnoff.

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The Adorable Princess

These women have a romantic playful girl-girl personality like the Disney princess. They can be childlike in the sense they get happy easily and light up the room. They always have a warming smile on their face which makes them attractive to people.

They are usually positive about life. They are funny and have an angelic nature. They are the damsel in distress we see in Disney cartoons.

They have a romantic feminine style. Their fragility is irresistible. They’re easily enticed by little things like flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Their free and joyful, full of energy just like a little girl. Everybody around them loves their positive and fun energy.

Men love them because they are obedient and trustworthy. They adore their men and make them feel like heroes. Men like the adorable princess they feel like their protector and would let et them from any danger. Although being too much of a child can be tiring to your partner, men still like the fact that ‘the princess’ makes them feel valued and important.

The Glamorous Seductress

Every woman has this seductive charm but not all know how to use it. These types of women are sexy, seductive, and exhibit glamour and natural sensuality. They can express their femininity in a delicious alluring way.

They have high standards and luxurious tastes just like the “sophisticated ladies” and they are not afraid to show it. They are very confident and can be incredibly fun as well. They are smart and can predict a man’s thoughts because they are always paying attention to others.

They use their sensuality to express their femininity. They invite men to an infinity of pleasure with a swing of the hips. Their body language expresses feminine seduction and sensuality.

Men are fascinated by these types of women. But men also fear them because of the power they hold. The seductress can dig into a man’s heart to discover his sexual desire and fulfill it. Because they are not fully acquired by men, this makes them even more exciting.

The glamorous seductress can attract any man easily through her sexual aura. They can pull off any outfit and still look sexy as hell. They are mysterious and unpredictable and you can never forget them in a hurry once you meet them.

They are able to master their sensuality without being vulgar while still keeping their elegance, which is a rare quality in most women. And this is what makes them truly powerful. Their grace and charm convey an irresistible desire to be with them.

Although the glamorous seductress is charming and fun, they can also have a cold demeanor which proves their sense of high self-esteem.

When we speak of glamorous seductresses we think of Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Rita Hayworth. The problem with these types of women is that in a work environment, no one takes the seductress seriously. We think they are too sexy and a distraction if the situation calls for concentration and focus.

Also if their mysterious side is taken to the extreme, this can prevent them from building a serious relationship. Like my friend, I talked about early. I have known her for seven months now, yet I barely know what she likes, who her friends are, or her family. She is such a mystery to the point that asking a simple question will be seen as an intrusion.

Men find it difficult to build a relationship with the glamorous seductress because they can be too cold and distant because of their mysterious nature. Also, they don’t make time to be with their partner or create a space to let someone in.

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The Wild Adventurous Woman

These women are naturally free-spirited. They love nature and animals and are free in their way of thinking. They can have fun in any situation. They prefer having fun and living life to the fullest.

The adventurous women are open-minded and love to discover new things- about culture, religion, languages, etc. They are creative creatures and they are not afraid to show their artistic side. They are adventurous and have a great sense of humor.

These women live with passion, creativity, and a heightened connection with their inner wisdom. They are wild in every sense of the word.

Because they’re in wild nature, they cannot be tamed or controlled. They can be rebellious and pay no attention to conventional beliefs.

Men feel free around adventurous women. They like women who can relax and enjoy life by the day. However, building a relationship with them can be complicated because they are indecisive.

Despite their good nature, these women don’t take responsibility for their actions. They don’t take anything seriously. They might say something and easily change what they said in the next minute.

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The Caring Motherly Women

These women are nurturers, they like taking care of others. They are devoted to their, parents, children, and husbands. People feel at ease with them because they are supportive.

Whether they have children or not, they have a deep desire to protect, nourish and nurture others, and their creativity and see them flourish. They are altruistic and often put the needs of others before their own.

They are understanding and will give you their undivided attention when you need someone to talk to. These women teach us how to trust, follow our natural rhythms, and discover balance in our lives.

They can also connect to our inner child and heal our wounds. The “motherly women” make us feel safe, protected, and cared for. Men want to feel special so they seek out women with motherly qualities.

They love the motherly women because they receive a lot of support from them. Theirs ability to understand and comfort people gives them a little power of seduction. They give the impression that your life is so much better with them.

They are women you can trust and count on their loyalty. They can disarm a man with their warmth and attention. Showing too much motherly care for others can lead these women to neglect themselves and therefore unable to show up as their best selves. This can sometimes lead to a loss of their own identity as women and their independence in other roles.

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Parting words

There is no good or bad feminine archetype, although some are celebrated and encouraged by our patriarchal society.

Each identity has its own positive energies and negative side. But if you know what they look like, you can cultivate positive qualities and work through all shades.

It is important to understand that although different types of feminine types exist, studying them can provide insight into your personality.

The more we develop and integrate the qualities of these feminine traits into our lives, the more nourished and balanced we will feel.

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