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We struggle to accept how we look and how we feel because society has engrained a specific idea of what beauty is in our heads.

Women are constantly reminded of how not beautiful we are. All because we don’t look like, talk, or act like the models in the media.

Magazines and beauty ads describe the ideal image of beauty to be fair-skinned, tall, and thin with long hair. This definition of beauty creates unrealistic expectations.

Women and girls grow up with the idea that they are not really beautiful. That they have to live up to these expectations to feel beautiful.

When they don’t, they start to feel ugly and uncomfortable in their own skin.

And the crazy thing is that these models don’t achieve this level of beauty without a team of stylists, beauticians, dietitians, fitness trainers, photographers, and of course, Photoshop.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But let’s not forget that attraction is a force of nature. Our heart attracts what we see, and what we see reflects how we feel.

In reality, every woman is gorgeous regardless of her color, height, and body size. We all have something amazing inside that no one else has.

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How do you know you are beautiful?

It’s frustrating how we look at attractiveness from a singular lens. We think for a woman to be beautiful, she has to be thin, fair, and young as if beauty doesn’t come in any other form.

And if you do not fall into the category of the ideal image of beauty, you feel uncomfortable with your looks and start to feel you need to change or fix yourself to look beautiful.

For centuries, women have been taught that our values are directly linked to our looks, our ability to get married, and our ability to have children.

And even today, women are building businesses and taking over the world, but we are still relegated to thinking that our beauty makes us valuable.

You need to stop thinking you are not beautiful because you are.

Beauty is more than a physical appearance. What defines beauty is your personality and your attitude.

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Someone could be perfectly attractive on the outside, yet they are the most shallow and mean the person you could ever meet.

Beauty is not just a beautiful face or beautiful looks. Your personality plays a bigger role in capturing people’s hearts.

That’s why you see love fade when a good personality isn’t there to make the physical attraction strong.

“Beauty is not something physical; it is more of an after-effect, the way your eyes twinkle when you are happy, the way you smile brightly, that is beauty.”

How to Be Attractive When You’re Not Good Looking

The most attractive people are the ones who know that their physical appearance is not the most attractive thing about them.

They have a certain kind of confidence, they are usually more fun to hang out with, and they are the kind of people who are ready to love you for who you are.

Be confident

Everyone respects a person with confidence because, with it, you are basically investing your heart and soul into something you feel passionately about. If you want people to listen to what you have to say, you must exude confidence and engage them in your conversation.

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Be generous

People who are considered generous are more attractive, and people who are more attractive are more generous. The positive effects of giving can generally increase the giver’s happiness, confidence, and even their physical health.

Be charismatic

We are attracted to confident, positive, and nice people because they immediately put us at ease. True charisma comes from the heart. You can’t fake it. Your charisma should come from a place of assurance and serenity.

Be goal-driven

People who love what they do are always attractive. Their enthusiasm shows their passion for life, people, and everything they believe in. Positive energy and motivation are two of the most important parts of developing a more attractive and charismatic personality.

Be humorous

Over-serious people can be very annoying. People who can laugh at themselves, make others laugh, and find humor in other people’s jokes are generally relaxed, friendly, and outgoing people. And that’s an attractive quality to have.

Parting words

Now, you got this. Go be confident. Be self-assured. Put your hats down and go be the woman who gets heads turned, and hearts melted.

Your beauty glows because it is true, pure, and unfiltered. It’s so important to be yourself when getting to know someone, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you need to.

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