36 Popular Statement Maker Sunglasses for Stylish Gents & Ladies

35 popular polarized mens sunglasses

With so many brands, shapes, materials, and of course prices, it can be difficult to sift through all the options to find the perfect polarized sunglasses to suit your needs.

Today, the largest eyewear brands offer dozens, even hundreds of polarized sunglasses, while some only offer polarized models. We tested dozens of them to find the best-polarized sunglasses of 2022.

To help you with your research, we will not only discuss the best-polarized sunglasses for men in 2022 but also share with you some important considerations to keep in mind while searching.

These sunglasses are timeless in design, but they’re also great, making them some of the popular sunglasses for your money.

Whether you’re attending a business meeting with high-level executives or looking for sunglasses to wear on the weekend, these sunglasses are unlikely to look out of place.

Flex-It Icon Shades

Fashion recycles every 20 years, which means trends officially date back to the 2000s. These knockouts may look expensive, but they will set you back for less than $30. The large lens is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, and this style works great for people of all genders with a flattering, unisex shape and iconic silver color.

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Dynamic aviators

When in doubt, join the pilots. These sunglasses are incredibly classic and look great on a variety of face shapes. These sunglasses are made by a top Japanese brand, known for their luxurious sunglasses and polarized lenses for a modern yet timeless feel.

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Clubmaster Pop Design

Clubmaster frames are the only way to match the energy we bring to an occasion, and there’s no better way to express accessories than sunglasses – it’s the easiest way to add vibrant color to any outfit. If you are looking for a lot of money for a pair of sunglasses, it is not a bad idea to make them unique.

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Bold, Brave and Brazen

Sunglasses in the 1970s became big, flashy, colorful, and over-the-top. Sunglasses fanatics will appreciate the attention to detail in these shades. They are classic, universally flattering, unisex, and blissfully affordable. This over-the-top drama is exactly how we will be living our life out in the sun.

Get All Squared

The shape of the sunglasses is a statement in itself, but the colored lenses add another level of uniqueness. Plus, its sheer size fit means absolutely no one is going to look past these.

Paparazzi Hands Down

These best-selling shades from celeb-favorite sunglasses brands are perfect to lean on for the return of the aviator this season. And they’re especially on-trend, with a boxy look, a slightly thicker frame, and a double nose bridge.

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Modern Classic Style

Classic sunglasses that are always in style with everyone will look different, but it’s hard to go wrong with this cat eye’s subtle shape. Combine that with the price and positive customer reviews, and it’s a great option for elevated sunglasses that are great for everyday wear.

Timeless Titanium Shades

Some people prefer timeless, classic frames for everyday wear, so they can choose from a variety of iconic sunglasses to squares, aviators, and oval shapes. A perfect reflection of your individual style, these sunglasses give you a gorgeous look and provide 100% UV protection for your eyes. Classic frames are not lost in style and are easy to combine with any dress to create a beautiful combination.

Notorious Shopper’s Flare

Once made popular by rock stars and computer gurus, round sunglasses have already identified themselves as summer fashion. This summer they will be in force again and you will see them on the terraces, beaches, and beach bars. They offer optimal sun protection, small, lightweight, and discreet, but with that special rock star touch. You put them on and they transform you.

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