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How To Look Pretty With Glasses (Women)

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For years, people have associated glasses with “book freedom”. The misconception was that if you had spent too much time studying, you would have hurt your eyes and you would have needed glasses.

This idea was not only completely false, but has been reversed in the last 15 years, so that eyeglass wearers, depending on the frame and style, seem not only intellectual, but also attractive.

With the right glasses, appearance and good attitude, people will see you and say immediately: “What a wonderful person!

1. Determine the shape of your face.

The balance between the shape of your face and the choice of frames influences the way people judge the appeal of your mounts and functions.

The symmetry of your face is generally considered attractive. Therefore, when choosing frames, you need to create a proportional aspect between the left and right sides of your face, as well as the top and bottom.

The four most common types of face are:

• Rounded faces usually have full cheeks and a soft, rounded chin. If you have a round shape, the height of your face is about the same as the width.

• The square faces have a strong jaw. You should note that your functions are sharper and more angular. Finally, if your face is square, your forehead should be wider than the lower half of the face.

• The oval faces have relatively balanced characteristics and are larger than they are wide. If your face is oval, you should notice high cheekbones and a thinner chin than the forehead.

• Heart-shaped faces are particularly visible through a broad characteristic forehead and a slender chin ending in a point. You should also note that your cheekbones are relatively high on your face.

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2. Choose frames that fit your face.

Glasses that are too big for your face will deflect the symmetry of your face and viewers will wonder why you have not opted for a more flattering shape for your holders.

You must use your frames to balance the less visible features of your face or to get your most outstanding features.

Here are some suggestions for the four most common facial shapes:

• Rounded faces can take advantage of frames with highlighted details. The shape of the lens should be wider than it is long. Nose pads are also essential as they prevent your belts from over-emphasizing your already round cheeks.

• Square faces should consider frames that soften the natural angles of the jaw and lengthen the relatively short height of the face. The wider than deep frames are an excellent choice, as are the wide, thin lenses.

• Oval faces are generally considered to be naturally balanced. To maintain this balance, you need to find glasses with a frame that matches the width of the widest part of your face. It is also possible that the nut-shaped frames maintain the balance of your face.

• Heart-shaped faces have larger frames than the top. Add a border without edges to this frame and you should notice a lighter appearance in your glasses that weakens the natural width of the top of your face.

3. Go for thin lenses.

Thick lenses are not only heavy and cumbersome, but can also cause people to associate with nerdy activities.

Even if your vision is not very good, you do not have to suffer from visible thick lenses.

With technology, you can buy lightweight lenses, sometimes called feathered lenses, which are much thinner and more stylish than yours.

Light lenses use a special material to make thinner and lighter lenses. The most commonly used material in this process, polycarbonate, is lightweight, impact resistant and relatively affordable compared to other lightweight lenses.

4. Choose colored frames.

If you can afford to buy multiple glasses, you can use your color creatively.

You can match the color of your frames to your outfit, the weather and even your mood.

For a more aesthetic appearance, however, you must choose a “cold” color or a “warm” color.

Cool colors are blue, while warm colors are yellow. Most people fall out of these two basic colors.

5. Match your skin color with your hair type.

A common feature that you may forget to consider is the quality of your skin.

If your skin is often oily, shiny frames can attract attention and negatively impact your appearance.

A matte finish is better suited for clearer skin types. In addition to the shine of your skin, you must also consider the fullness of your hair.

• A lot of hair gets thinner as you get older, but your glasses can distract the hairline. Choose thick, bold frames to draw attention to your eyes and sharp, sharp corners to enhance your jaw weakness.

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Balancing makeup with your glasses

1. Hide the shadows with the corrector.

Even the smallest and most delicate frames and lenses project at least a small shadow around the eyes.

This may make your eyes appear dark or tired, especially if you have a problem with dark circles under your eyes. To illuminate the area around your eyes, you can:

Use a corrector. This way your complexion will look more natural and the dark spots under your eyes will be less dark. Also don’t forget to use a small corrector on the eyelid!

Use natural skin-relieving techniques. By using a mask of natural ingredients to improve the color of your skin, you can spend money to buy more expensive and hidden products.

2. Use a gel liner.

There are many types of eyeliner that you can use to restore attention to the eyes behind your lenses, but the gel lining is considered one of the best.

This is especially true if you wear myopia lenses.

This type of lens can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are.

Avoid dramatic eye makeup because it can seem too busy in combination with the edge of your frames. A clearly visible, smoky eye can make your eyes too dark around their perimeter.

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3. Curl your eyelashes to prevent lens interference.

This can be irritating when you need to clean your glasses every few minutes to wipe the oil from your eyelashes to your lenses.

To prevent this from happening, you must curl your eyelashes.

This has the additional effect that you look clear, alert and thoughtful.

Elongated mascaras should be avoided if your eyelashes are already grazing on your lenses. Instead, you can be more lucky with a product that adds volume or thickness.

Focus your application on the roots instead of the ends of your eyelashes.

Prevent mascara from getting on your lenses by using a creamy, watertight formula. You may also have trouble appearing mascara on your lenses if you have it for more than three months.

With curling you can achieve the best results by concentrating your efforts on the basis of your eyelashes. Do not squeeze too hard, otherwise you can curl your lashes too intensely.

You can then use an eyelash curler in the center of your lashes to create an impressive loop.

4. Be careful not to lose your eyebrows behind your frames.

This is especially important if you have chosen a few thick frames.

Give your eyebrows a full look with an eyebrow pencil and add shape and definition to create a better balance between this feature and the glasses that you have chosen.

5. Add a splash of color to your lips and cheeks.

A little blush on your cheeks. This gives warmth to the overall appearance of your face.

Strong or bold frames can be compensated by stronger tones on the lips and cheeks, although you must be careful not to apply too much product.

The color of the lips in particular can complement your bold choice in frames or create a contrast, depending on the requirements of your outfit and the day.

Wear your glasses with pride

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1. Be confident: You may feel uncomfortable with your glasses, especially if you do not know them yet.

But the truth is that many famous people who are considered attractive today wear glasses.

With the right frame style, color and a few stylish looks, you may look even hotter in your glasses than before!

It has been established that trust gives people a boost when it comes to appearance.

While you may not think your state of mind influences how people perceive your appearance, you may just need to improve your self-confidence before people start believing that you look inflamed

2. Eat well and exercise. If you eat well and stay physically active, you will look even more attractive.

Being healthy will improve your mood, your self-image and your weight, which will probably help you to become more confident and warm in the eyes of others.

To improve your overall health, you could.

Take part in a sport or physical hobby, such as cycling, walking every day, doing yoga, etc.

Daily physical activity makes you feel better, even if you don’t notice significant changes in your physical appearance.

Take good care of your hair. Dry, frizzy hair often looks poorly maintained and unattractive, so you must repair it if necessary.

The color of your hair also contributes to the overall color balance of your face and the resulting color of your lenses. You have to keep them healthy and clean.

Try new hairstyles if you are not satisfied with your current look.

Examine your style based on the shape of your face and choose a look that balances your silhouette in the same way as your glasses.

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4. Practice good hygiene: Shower as regularly as necessary.

For most adults this will be done daily or every other day, although many young children probably don’t need to shower that often.

Use a deodorant, hydrate your skin to stay healthy, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and improve skin tone, and wear clean clothing.

5. Choose outfits that match the style of your specifications: Finding your ideal style can take time and effort.

You will have to try many looks and outfits.

You may want a friend to come for a second opinion, but you can also ask employees where you shop.

Style and fashion are a matter of taste.

Women may want to view this post that I wrote about how to dress and look good.

Men, on the other hand, maybe interested in how they can dress well as men for a better direction.

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